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About Us

Group Konzept, LLC is an international company with over 20 years of experience in the installation of courts and sports surfaces around the world.
We have done everything from padel arenas, tennis and basketball courts, to large artificial turf soccer fields! Group Konzept is an official partner of PADELGALIS – the world leader in padel court manufacturing.
PADELGALIS padel courts are the official courts of the WORLD PADEL TOUR since 2020. We offer several models of padel arenas with a wide range of design, functionality and price options which satisfy all customer and player needs.
Artificial grass options are of the highest standard, one of which is MONDO – official artificial grass of the WORLD PADEL TOUR. Our partner, PADELGALIS, has a 15-year guarantee on some of their products, showing the confidence of the manufacturer in the product.
Group Konzept, besides distribution of padel courts, offers installation, maintenance and technical support, guaranteeing long term client satisfaction.